8 Poopy-Pants Moods and How to Change Them Instantly

Ever feel like everything in life is just going, well…wrong?


In those moments, it’s easy to feel stuck. Stuck in your own harsh feelings about yourself. Stuck in your thoughts about your crappy circumstances. Stuck in your insecurities about what other people think about you.


But, there’s good news.


When life gets stinky, it may not be as hard you think to clean up your poopy-pants mindset.


In fact, I’m going to give you a 3-minute exercise to burst through it all right now.


If the fear, stress, or other mental gremlins attack, simply follow the steps below to defeat them…


  • Identify the mood gremlin that you want to defeat
  • Read the affirmation out loud. By affirming the thought, you are subconsciously rewiring your brain to believe it is true. This is like charging your laser gun!
  • Practice the burst of motivation to laser-blast your stinky mindset and restore it to its magical, optimistic state.


If your mind feels clean and sexy, your passion will ask you to dance. Time to moonwalk!


1. Bitterness: Why does everything bad keep happening to me?



2. Chaos: I feel like I’m lost in a storm!



3. Negativity: I’m a pessimistic poo-pants.



4. Tired & Overwhelmed: I feel like I’m not getting anywhere.



5. Unappreciative: Nothing is ever good enough


6. Sadness: I can’t find happiness anywhere.



7. Jealousy: I wish I looked like her!


8. Frustration: It’s too hard!


By re-arranging your thoughts to think positively through continuous practice, you will start to notice that the magic in your life is not only possible, but it’s everywhere. Always remember to laugh, give thanks, and not take the hard moments too seriously.


You deserve to lead the best effin’ life ever! 


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