Space Mission from Uranus


Rage Create is a space station just outside of Uranus that our UniSquids built to fuel up your jetpacks of motivation, no matter how much resistance, fear, or stress tries to keep you grounded. We know your time is valuable because you’ve got star parties to attend, so we create inspirational products to turbo-boost your mind strength, awareness, and focus in 10 seconds or less. To manifest your visions, you gotta hustle, rage, and rip off your procrastination undies. Shake that bare booty and act like the creative maniac you are becoming! Your dreams may be sky high, but our sweet ass creations will give you a lift. We combine humor, good vibes, and no-bullshit philosophy with modern affirmations, motivational swag, and happiness strategies to help you conquer your divine right to lead the best fucking live everrrrr!

Creating the life of your dreams doesn’t have to be slow and painful. With a little bit of rage, you can manifest your visions with big smiles at rocket speed. Rage Create!



Where Did Our Vision Come From?

Jason and I (Heath) both took huge risks in leaving our traditional careers and venturing into the unknown creative world. As soon as we quit our jobs in finance and construction, it was sorta like a shit-the-bed moment when trying to figure out how we were going to survive. We absorbed constant supplies of self-help resources, and it took us years to figure out that it wasn’t doing us any good. The truest form of effective transformation is simply taking action towards a vision, and everyone is capable of this. The problem is we just FORGET to make the right decisions because modern life is insanely fast-paced and distracting.

But, if you can lose focus in a split second due to distractions, shouldn’t you also be able to re-focus in a split second with the right reminder?

This is how the idea for our first product, The Sweet Ass Affirmations Deck, was born. We wanted to create a product that could turn the most disastrous stressful breakdowns into productive creativity, all in the flash of an eye.

With our new vision of the deck, we still had no idea how to bring it to life because we only had ‘normal’ inspirational resources to work with.

Since this world didn’t have the help we needed, we did what any maniac creative would do:

We blasted a rocket-ship packed with hippies into space, formed the largest floating drum circle in the history of the Universe, burned 1,111 bundles of sage, and used our mind-power to summon in Skid the UniSquid, King of the Uranus Space Station, who presented us with the idea for The Sweet Ass Affirmations Deck: Affirmations and Motivation for your Maniac Creative Mind.

The rest is stardust…

Rage Create Founders

Heath Armstrong

Heath Armstrong

Co-Founder & Author

Heath Armstrong is a Raging Maniac, Gremlin Smasher & Creative Writer. He is the author of The Sweet Ass Journal to Develop your Happiness Muscle in 100 Days and the host of the Never Stop Peaking Podcast.

@heathfistpumps  |  www.HeathArmstrong.com  | www.sweetassjournal.com

Jason Berwick

Jason Berwick

Co-Founder & e-Commerce Entrepreneur

Jason Berwick is a Serial Adventurepreneur, Automation Junkie, and e-Commerce Rage Creator. He spends most of his time building systems to scale digital businesses while traveling the world.

@jasonsepicquest |  www.jasonberwick.com

Creative Maniac Team

Special thanks to our brilliant and relentless team: Jan, Jocel, Judy, Dannah, Alyssa, Fenny, and Lindsay who have helped brainstorm, architect, create, and launch this project. You all kick massive gremlin ass & we love you.


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