Boxing trainer Teddy Atlas is known for the fiery, inspirational speeches he gives to his fighters to will them to victory. This is an excerpt of the speech he gave to Michael Moorer, who was sleepwalking through his title challenge against Evander Holyfield. After this talk, Moorer put on the performance of his life in the last 3 rounds of the fight, and beat Holyfield to become the first southpaw heavyweight champ of the world. ⠀

These powerful words from Teddy make us reflect if we are just doing enough to just get by, or if we are laying it all on the line to realize our potential and live life to the fullest. We are the masters of our destiny, and if we fail to realize that we will end up broken, bitter and full of regret. Today, think about where you are in life, and where you really want to be. Dial in your mindset to Rage mode and start working your ass off. Get what is yours, champ, get what is yours.


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