Creation Over Consumption: A Rage Create 1- Week Challenge

Mindless consumption often disrupts the balance between creation and consumption. Take this 1-week challenge to take your first step in restoring balance in your life.
1. Minimize Passive Consumption: * Reduce by 50% the amount of time you spend on your social media accounts.
* Stay away from the rabbit hole: reduce by 50% the amount of time you surf the internet pointlessly. * Get off the couch: reduce by 50% the amount of time you spend watching TV or playing video games.

2. Create Something of Value: * Do something good for your body: enroll in a yoga class, sign up for a gym membership, go for a run, come up with a high fiber, low fat meal plan for the week, take daily walks, etc… * Do something nice for a friend, a family member, a relative or a neighbor. * Stimulate your artistic side with a low pressure art project: learn or write a song, draw, paint, sculpt etc…. * Home Improvement: Fix something that is broken in your home, rearrange your bedroom, do a general cleaning. * Do some research on a business you’d like to own and run someday.

3. Create as You Consume: * Order your favorite meal from a restaurant and learn how to make it. * Rewatch your favorite movie, re-read your favorite novel and learn more about the people behind your favorite creations. * Listen to your favorite song, write down the lyrics and do an analysis on how the lyrics make you feel and what they mean to you.
Are you up to the challenge? Keep us posted with your progress!


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