When you think about your future, what pops into your magical little mind?


I spent 10 years thinking about climbing the corporate ropes, making more money, and how many awesome things I would do in my 10 days of vacation per year.


I put my happiness on hold to satisfy tradition.


But, I absorbed that vision from all my surroundings and influences in my life. I just went with the flow and never questioned if it was right for me. It wasn’t long before I woke up face-down-pants-down in the bushes, belligerently trying to numb the thought of moving forward with my future.


The vision I was pledging my life to wasn’t the right vision. I wasn’t happy, healthy, or free.


What is your vision?


When creating it, be sure to set the focus on where YOU want to head in life. If you maintain a detailed vision of what makes you happy, then big smiles will be a by-product of your future.


If you fail to create your own vision, others will make it for you by placing ads, commercials, billboards, religions, politics, traditions, and spray-tanning machines around you.


Do yourself a solid and define your future without outside influences and sticky orange skin!


Believe, take relevant actions, and your vision will become your reality.


One less poopy-pants cryfest in the books…


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