Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rage Create?

Rage Create is a space station just outside of Uranus that our UniSquids built to fuel up your jetpacks of motivation, no matter how much resistance, fear, or stress tries to keep you grounded. We know your time is valuable because you’ve got star parties to attend, so we create inspirational products to turbo-boost your mind strength, awareness, and focus in 10 seconds or less. To manifest your visions, you gotta hustle, rage, and rip off your procrastination undies. Shake that bare booty and act like the creative maniac you are becoming! Your dreams may be sky high, but our sweet ass creations will give you a lift. We combine humor, good vibes, and no-bullshit philosophy with modern affirmations, motivational swag, and happiness strategies to help you conquer your divine right to lead the best fucking live everrrrr!

Can I modify an existing order?

Possibly. It depends if the order has been processed and moved to our shipping team yet. Please send us a message to see if we can get this completed.

Do you offer expedited or free shipping?

You betcha. During checkout, you will be able to select either 2-day or 1-day shipping (for an additional charge) and as always, if your order is over $100, basic ground shippin' is freeeeeeeeee.

What if my package doesn't arrive at the specified time?

Give us a tiny bit more time. Sometimes UPS or USPS has a hang up and things get delivered late. If it still doesn't show up, or says its been delivered and you never actually received anything, give us a call or shoot us an email and we will figure out where that thing got off to.

What if the wrong item showed up?

Give it to your estranged uncle for his birthday. Seriously. If we send you the wrong item, keep it. Wear it. Donate it. Whatever you'd like. Just send us pictures of the item sent to you for verification, give us a call, and we will get the actual item back out to you immediately. This shouldn't ever happen, so if it does, it's on us. No need to return the item.

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