Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a star in a movie?


How would you make your performance memorable?


Life is just like a movie, you know.


I see that twinkle in your eye…


You are writing and producing the story. This world and everyone in it is your audience.


Will people be excited to watch you gloriously slay the dragon at the summit of Mt. Fuckery,


or will they be disappointed with a mundane script that lacks any type of climax?


Sitting on the couch with your hands down your pants while devouring a bucket of fried chicken DOES NOT change the world, and nobody wants to see that nastiness.


Your life is an epic quest of awesome adventures and exploration. Strive to make it the most memorable movie possible…


…for yourself.


…for those who look up to you.


Fuck the critics, tho.


Now back to the regularly scheduled programming…


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