I’m getting a feeling that the gremlins of negativity arranged a solid attack on you recently!


Did you let their diarrhea seeds explode all over your mind?
Or did you body-slam them back into the pit of poo that they belong in?


I hope you did the latter, cause the freedom army needs you on the dream team.


Trudging through life as part of the negative goon squad will never reap a positive outcome.


Remember: any seed you plant will grow.


If you plant negativity, you’ll sprout negativity.


If you plant positive vibes, you’ll sprout positive vines.


You know when you accidentally step in dog poo and immediately think it’s some stinky bastard around you? Then later, you get home and realize it was you the whole time. Yea.


It’s easy to run around blaming the world for everything that stinks of rotting ass until you finally figure out it’s just you.


Instead of soiling your pants, confront your attitude and mindset. Refuse to be a poopy-pants crybaby and start controlling your flows.


It’s time to plant a forest of positivity and build your dream house in it.


And, the soil will be so fresh and so clean clean!!


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