Sweet-Ass Affirmations Deck- 60 Hilarious, Unfiltered Motivational Affirmation Cards to Spice Up Your Day in 10 Seconds or Less by Rage Create


The Sweet Ass Affirmations Deck: Affirmations to Motivate Your Creative Maniac Mind!

60 witty, uncensored affirmation cards, packed with bursts of motivation, to help you:

  • Make decisions in each moment to manifest your goals, visions, and dreams.
  • Dominate the fear gremlins that try to attack your mindset and progress.
  • Turn a shitty day into a glorious smile-fest in just seconds.
  • Unleash the creative maniac that you were born to be (and pee your pants laughing)

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Sweet Ass First Impressions…

The Sweet Ass Affirmations Deck

60 hilarious, unfiltered cards packed with bursts of motivation to help you:

  • Make decisions in every moment that align with your goals, visions, and dreams.
  • Dominate the fear and resistance gremlins that try to attack your progress.
  • Turn your shitty day into a glorious smile-fest in 10 seconds or less.
  • Unleash the creative maniac that you were born to be.

Getting Motivated Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Your dreams kick ass, but often it feels overwhelming to achieve them because most self-help resources are fluffy, long, and boring as fuck. It’s hard to stay motivated with cheesy posts, 500-page books, and 2-hour long webinars being stuffed down your throat.

We Didn’t Want to Create Another ‘Normal’ Inspirational Product…

You could spend your entire life aimlessly absorbing ‘normal’ inspirational resources full of regurgitated ‘woo-woo’ bullshit, but you’ll never bring your dreams to life. In a way, they are more of a distraction than anything. We love rainbows and butterflies too, but they will never help manifest your visions into reality.

So, We Made a Deck of Hilarious, Unfiltered Cards to Motivate Your Creative Maniac Mind in Just Seconds

The fastest way to achieve anything is by taking immediate action, so we created a sweet ass deck of motivational cards to turn your shitty day into a productive smile-fest in just a few quick seconds. You already know what your dreams are, you just need a quick, sexy reminder when you start to slip off track…

The Perfect Mix of Woo-Woo and “Fuck Yea!”

We love affirmations because they work. By using them, you can rewire your brain to subconsciously make decisions in every moment to work towards your goals. But, many people (including us) can’t take them seriously because they are so ‘woo-woo’ and fluffy. A little woo is cool, but affirmations can be for hard MOFOs too….

So, we decided to create the world’s first unfiltered affirmation cards, combined with hilarious bursts of motivation for creative maniacs like you who want to kick ass.

Kick-Ass Affirmations on the Front…

Read and repeat in your head. Then, read and repeat out loud. Feel what it’s like to become one with the affirmation. By doing so, you are rewiring your brain to believe the affirmation is true, and you will subconsciously start making decisions that are in alignment with your visions.

Jetpacks of Hilarious Motivation on the Back…

These bursts are messages from the Universe to merge your mind with your affirmations. Study them and use them to rage forward within your creativity. They are the rocket fuel to reach your stars.

How to Use The Sweet Ass Affirmations Deck

No rules dictate how these cards should be utilized. We encourage you to get jiggy wit’ them, creatively.

  • Close your eyes and let the Universe guide your hand to a card when the stress gremlins are attacking!
  • Throw them up in the air like a maniac and let gravity pull the right card down into your lap.
  • Draw cards to start deep, important conversations with other astronauts and strangers in your life.
  • Tape them to your mirrors, refrigerators, computers, and dashboards.
  • Hide them in your pillowcases, pockets, books, and undies drawer!
  • Gift the magic of motivation by sharing individual cards and decks with family, friends, and strangers.
  • Travel around the world with them.
  • Eat, sleep, and dance with them.
  • Create creative mosaic displays with them on your vision boards, walls, and office spaces.

We trust that the Universe will guide you to the card you need, at any given moment. Our intention is that after you interact with a card, you feel armed to make real changes and integrate the messages from spirit + your own knowing. It’s created for you to find detailed messages within both the content and universal artwork.

However, under no circumstances should you hide them in your actual undies.

Where Did This Crazy Idea Come From?

Jason and I (Heath) both took huge risks in leaving our traditional careers and venturing into the unknown creative world. As soon as we quit our jobs in finance and construction, it was sorta like a shit-the-bed moment when trying to figure out how we were going to survive. We absorbed constant supplies of self-help resources, and it took us years to figure out that it wasn’t doing us any good. The truest form of effective transformation is simply taking action towards a vision, and everyone is capable of this. The problem is we just FORGET to make the right decisions because modern life is insanely fast-paced and distracting.

But, if you can lose focus in a split second due to distractions, shouldn’t you also be able to re-focus in a split second with the right reminder?

This is how the idea for The Sweet Ass Affirmations Deck was born. We wanted to create a product that could turn the most disastrous stressful breakdowns into productive creativity, all in the flash of an eye.

With our new vision of the deck, we still had no idea how to bring it to life because we only had ‘normal’ inspirational resources to work with.

Since this world didn’t have the help we needed, we did what any maniac creative would do:

We blasted a rocket-ship packed with hippies into space, formed the largest floating drum circle in the history of the Universe, burned 1,111 bundles of sage, and used our mind-power to summon in Skid the UniSquid who presented us with the idea for The Sweet Ass Affirmations Deck: Affirmations and Motivation for your Maniac Creative Mind.

In Memory of Ryan Banks

Your money is on its way to change lives! 🙂

10% of all net proceeds from Rage Create products sold after the Kickstarter launch and in the future will be donated to help fund The Ryan Banks Academy in Chicago, IL. RBA will be Chicago’s first boarding school for inner city youth, and will be named in honor of a Chicago student who was a victim to gun violence at the age of 12 – a former student of our visionary friend and founder of RBA, Valerie Groth. Learn more at RyanBanksAcademy.org


Bonus “Spot the Gremlin” Game: 

We love games because, well, games kick ass. And, no matter how awesome things may get in life, an avalanche of resistance gremlins will always try and knock you off your mountain. But, if you teach yourself to spot them before they can do harm, you will never stop peaking. Because of this, we hid a gremlin on each card to keep you aware of the enemy. Can you find them before they find you?

It’s Time to Beast Up Your Motivation Muscle

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