Gremlins are very cunning, and they can use money, security, material possessions and success against you to lull you into living a stagnant, pointless and compromised life. From being content with  superficial bullshit, you’ll suddenly wake up one day, pants down, feeling empty, depressed, aimless, confused, angry and trapped in a life you now hate.

There is however, a way to escape this gremlin trap. Take some time and exert a serious effort  to reflect and rediscover yourself. Through reflection, you will discover the things holding you back from being the ideal version of yourself. With reignited passion, you will find yourself armed with the weapons you will need to break free!

The beauty of rediscovering yourself is that it awakens boundless creativity within you, and the process of creation allows you to go even deeper and deeper within yourself. It enables you to discover new horizons, new challenges to conquer, and to let go of the baggage of past misgivings, disappointments and failures.

While it may shit on your cereal from time to time, life constantly offers us forgiveness, redemption and the valuable opportunity for self discovery that enables us to transform our existence. Be honest & brave, and always be ready to create avenues for self fulfillment, step into new roles, and enter exciting new phases in your lives. Always dream, alway yearn, and always create!


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