Fear and Anxiety Gremlins love playing tricks on us. These buggers take minor discomforts we feel and blow them up into irrational catastrophes, causing us to act like nap-deprived tykes who poop in our pants and cry all day.

These irrational fears render us hopeless and ineffective, preventing us from taking decisive steps toward accomplishing our goals and fulfilling our dreams.

The more you try to hide from irrational fears caused by anxiety and stress, the stronger these forces grow within your body. While you attempt to suppress these emotions and feelings, they silently multiply and attack again, leaving you even more anxious, bitter and unfulfilled than before.

So, how do you overcome a stress attack? Acceptance! Do not resist or run from the fear you are feeling, acknowledge it! Own it like the superhero that you are!

Ride it out with love! Take deep breaths! Remember that every problem has an opportunity for a solution. Every flower grows from beneath the mud. Every low point is a foundation for the next great summit! By shifting your attention to the positives, you will regain focus on your mission. You can then realize that you are separate from the fear and stress, no part of it.

Anxiety is usually triggered by an unknown outcome or a worry of the past or future, so center your mind and energy in the present. This will help you map out an effective plan of action that laser-blasts the force that works against your magic!

Aside from “WATTA!”, the legendary Bruce Lee once said “to understand your fear is the beginning of really seeing.” Be the master of fear, not its slave. Embody your brilliant, creative self, and you will develop an invincible mindset of strength, prosperity, and abundance forever.

You deserve it.

How do you defeat fear gremlins? Let us know in the comments below!


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