When I was working construction,


I used to crawl through the week with my guts on the floor, hopelessly wishing that the weekend would make an early arrival, holding a bottle of hooch and a box of Twinkies in my hands.


Can you relate?


How often do you think:


“If only it was Friday…” or,

“I can’t wait for the weekend to get here!”


That type of mindset is pure poison.


When you wish away your week, you are wishing away your time.


Wishing away your time is like inviting the Grim Reaper to your private dinner.


Do you really want to wish away your family, your friends, and your ONE LIFE?


Everything you take for granted is someone else’s fairytale.


Cherish each and every moment that you have before time makes you cherish what you had.


Make every day a mutha f*ckin Saturday, yo.


If you ever catch yourself in the wish trap, try repeating this affirmation out loud 3 times before you doze off to sleepy pie.


I am happy for this awesome moment because this moment is my awesome life.


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