2017 was one of the hardest years of my life. I was stuck in a poopy-pants cry baby fest for multiple reasons including death in the family, loss of several pups, giant blows to my business, and more. I remember being lost in that black hole, crying like crazy, hurting, throwing up, and even blacking out from silent anxiety. I’ll never forget the feeling- like the whole world was testing my temper, waiting for me to bust and lose it completely.
I looked at everything around me with anger, like it all played a part in taking something close away from me. I felt helpless, lonely, and even distant from those who were the closest to me.
I remember walking down the street with a mind of clouds, not knowing what was next for me. I came across this old church which had been abandoned for a while, and the sign out front said:
“When searching for faults, use a mirror and not a telescope.”
And after thinking about the message for a few minutes, it finally hit me that the fault wasn’t in the world, it was within me.
All of my anger and depression was thriving because I was allowing it to… no matter what external circumstances had triggered the moods. I still had full control of my attitude and approach of the future.
That was a massive turning point in my year, and from that moment on I started fighting back against the resistance. I pulled out the old notes from the original Sweet Ass Domination Deck ideas and started ruthlessly creating more content for it. I felt the power of the cards and used them to fire up my motivation, knowing that the energy could be passed onto others in their battle for happiness as well.
Do you ever point the finger at all the madness around you and blame it for the shortcomings you experience? What if you turned the finger towards yourself? What would you find?
External madness can only affect you if you have internal voids that allow it in.
Just as the sign said, when searching for faults, use a mirror and not a telescope.
When you heal the shortcomings within, confrontation cannot enter.
When you block out unhappiness, all that is left is happiness. 🙂
I think you look magical through this telescope,


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