I spent most of my life worshipping money like it was God. Most of us in the western world spend our lives in this green-hole of fuckery. It’s jammed inside of our bums from the day we pop out of our mommy’s wombs.


How many decisions that you make in life are made in relation to money?


How you spend your time…


Where you spend your time…


With money, the how and the where always have limits.


But, with happiness, there are no limits – regardless of your monetary situation.


Being financially free is a kick-ass experience that all of us should work towards,


but we often allow our financial status to govern how happy we are, and that is a HUGE mistake.


Happiness and money can be friends, but they do not rely on each other. They can totally complement each other in magical ways, but you can have one without the other. Money is finite. Happiness is infinite.


Whenever the stress gremlins start to pound my ass with dark clouds of money worries, I clench my butt cheeks really tight and repeat this affirmation three times:


My financial status does not dictate my happiness. Money makes me more of who I am, and I am an amazing person.


Close your eyes and imagine all of the things in life that truly make you happy. Visualize what it feels likes to be surrounded by these magical beings at all times. Then, repeat the affirmation out loud three times.


My financial status does not dictate my happiness. Money makes me more of who I am, and I am an amazing person.


Since you are so amazing, you are now starting to realize the most beautiful parts of life are with you at all times, with or without money. And, since you no longer allow money to handicap your happiness, you can make decisions that will allow you attract abundance in any area you choose.


Remember, money is not the fountain of eternal happiness.


Money only makes you more of who you are.


If you are an asshole who loves to pop bottles of Cristal at strip clubs and rev the engine on your shitty diesel truck, money only allows you to pop more bottles of Cristal and rev the engine on a nicer diesel truck.


If you are a big-hearted philanthropist who loves to help the well-being of others, money allows you to help MORE people in BIGGER ways.


You are not a slave to God Money.


You are the God of Money.


You have the power to use money, but money has no power to use you UNLESS you allow it to. You will not allow it anymore.


You have an abundance of happiness and purpose, with or without money. Use money to compliment your magic, but never mistake it for being your magic.


Now go burn a dollar and meditate and see how good it makes you feel…


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